Mandates of the KATA Sub-Committees

KATA sub-committee supports the Executive Committee in executing its mandates. Members of these committees include members sitting on the EC and others drawn from the general membership. A typical committee will have a membership of between 5-7 members who serve on voluntary basis. Meetings of the sub-committees are held quarterly unless there are compelling reasons that may force the committee to meet more frequently.
1. Trade relations & IATA matters Sub-Committee
The mandate of the sub-committee is to advise and support the Executive Committee engagements in matters related to IATA, Airlines, Airport facilitation, DIP, GDS′s, APJC/JALWAG, FESATA and UFTAA. The committee will ensure that the EC is at all times well informed on local and international policy and regulatory issues related to the travel trade and will develop industry position papers.

The Committee members are:

1. Mohammed Wanyoike - Chaiperson
2. Joseph Kithitu - Member
3. Abdulrazak Khalfan - Member
4. Femina Dawoodia - Member
5. Florence Maina - Member
6. Patrick Ngotho - Member
7. Rosemary Kaittany - Member
8. S.G. Kaka - Member
9. Seema Raval - Member
10. Shazmin Manji - Member
11. Tracy Scott - Member
2. Finance, Audit & Risk Management Sub-Committee
The mandate of the sub-committee is to support the Executive Committee in its oversight of the Association′s integrity of the financial statements, Association′s compliance with legal and regulatory requirement, assurance of effective and independent audit & risk assessment function; and performance of the Associations internal control and information technology systems.

The Committee members are:

1. Joseph Kithitu - Chairperson
2. David Wachira - Member
3. Millicent Omukaga - Member
4. Shilen Jobanputra - Member
3. Strategic Oversight Sub-Committee
The mandate of this sub-committee is to assist the Executive Committee in its oversight responsibilities for the strategic implementation of Association′s initiatives and programmes. The committee will oversee the strategic development process and will regularly monitor the implementation of the organizational strategies to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Association are being met.

The Committee members are:

1. Shazmin Manji - Chaiperson
2. Mohammed Wanyoike - Member
3. Julie Dabaly Scott - Member
4. Seema Raval- Member
5. Zachariah Binoy - Member
6. Anthony Ochieng - Member
4. Legal Affairs, Ethics, Disciplinary and Fair Trade Committee
The committee is charged with the responsibility of dealing with all legal matters, enforcement of the code of ethics and practice, disciplinary cases and handles all the consumer complaints. The committee is required to make quarterly reports to the Executive Committee related to execution of its mandate.

The Committee members are:

1. Femina Dawoodia - Chairperson
2. Marcellina Mwaura - Member
3. Mira Bid - Member
4. Rosemary Kaittany - Member
5. Shilen Jobanputra - Member
6. Wilda Kemunto - Member

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