KQ move to reduce flights to New York timely  15th Nov 2018

National carrier Kenya Airways decision to reduce the number of flights on the just-launched New York is prudent.

The airline says it is winter and traffic on the much celebrated route is slowly sliding making it sensible to reduce capacity and save money.

It is understandable that given the zeal with which the carrier took to the skies for the direct flight to the American city, some people will get disappointed big time.

The reality is however that KQ, as the airline is popularly known, is in business and this is just one of the many business decisions its managers have to make on a daily basis as it walks the rough road of returning to profitability after years of heavy losses.

Taking a decision early to reduce the number of flights means the airline is acting to save itself the possible embarrassment of making a loss from such a new route and over which it has made so much noise.

Fact is that Kenya Airways is duty bound to work on a schedule that allows it to meet specific demands at the optimum returns.

This is because making money for an airline is not a walk in the park but a serious capital intensive investment that must run on very realistic and prudent operational decisions.

Source: https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/analysis/editorials/KQ-flight-move-timely/4259378-4852070-x1g5p6/index.html


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