Travelport Live Africa 2018 sets off!  27th Sep 2018

Travelport is hosting the two-day Travelport Live Africa 2018 event on the 26th – 28th September at the Arabella Hotel and Spa, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa with the theme Embracing the new normal in Travel Tech.

The event’s objective is to examine the critical issues that are shaping the future world of travel. This expounds on how the digital revolution is transforming the business models of each and every industry. It establishes how the travel industry can tap into the dynamism of technology to its advantage. The conference will split hairs on the particular emerging technologies that stakeholders should be aware of, or investigate on or adopt. Participant shall gain knowledge and foresight to feel empowered by the next digital revolution!

More than 200 leaders from TMCs, OTAs, airlines, hotels and other key industry players will join together to provide insightful, thought provoking content, lively panel discussions and great opportunity to network with industry players.

Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) fosters the need to embrace technology, innovation and change in the travel industry for sustainable business growth and is glad to be part of the key industry players at the event.

The conference is made up of individual addresses and panel discussions by travel industry experts as well as product demonstrations by global technology leaders.

Travel Intelligence is one of the key topics of discussion at the conference whereby Travelport has prepared to showcase how they have prepared for their customer data vision. Travel agents will need to show their customers that they are valued and treated personally. Predicting insights from across the traveller lifecycle that are relevant to enable great travel experiences that match the individual's needs and desires.

The panel discussions will delve into Travel Experience and Travel Choice: The discussions around travel experience are advocating for embracing new technology and using data intelligently as a key factor for success in the online space. Winners will be the innovators who embed big data into their platforms and successfully deliver in-context, seamless and personalized customer experiences. In this panel discussion, Travelport’s Jason Nash is talking to the largest distributor of ticketing services in South Africa, with a footprint in key countries across Africa.

The travel choice as a topic of discussions touches on the IATA’s new distribution capability which has been discussed over the last few years, it was largely seen as something for the full-service carriers. But now airlines across the globe are looking for ways to push dynamic, personalized offers to targeted agents and customers. The discussions are identifying where NDC fits, what it is and how it’s changing the distribution landscape. The discussions also identify the opportunities and challenges that come with it. 

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