Hahn Air expands benefits for Travel Agency partners  23rd Jul 2018

Hahn Air is a German scheduled airline, the leading provider of distribution services for other airlines and the number one ticketing expert for travel agents.

With its global infrastructure of connections to all major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and memberships in almost all Billing and Settlement Plans (BSPs), Hahn Air enables more than 100,000 travel agents worldwide to issue over 350 air, rail and shuttle services of Hahn Air partners on the HR-169 ticket.

Besides these ticketing solutions, Hahn Air also offers a growing list of services that simplify travel agents’ daily business life. These benefits range from general accessibility to all agents to exclusive benefits for registered agents only. Following a one-time registration on Hahn Air’s corporate website, travel agents can take advantage of a growing list of exclusive benefits for registered agents.

The services have been extended to include:

  • VIP-PEP offers – exclusive offers on Hahn Air Lines flights

Travel agents can now experience a unique journey aboard one of Hahn Air Lines’ luxurious bizjet aircrafts on their scheduled return flights from Dusseldorf to Luxembourg. Registered agents will enjoy an additional 50% discount off the official PEP rates.

  • ADM-Waiver – waive one agency debit memo (ADM) per rolling year.

Hahn Air developed the ADM-Waiver as a solution for protecting travel agencies who have been penalised in GDSs when issuing HR-169 tickets. With this exclusive service offered only by Hahn Air, travel agencies are able to rid themselves of one Agency Debit Memo (ADM) received on an HR-169 ticket, every rolling year.

  • HR e-Payment – a UATP-based payment solution for HR-169 tickets.

Hahn Air offers travel agents HR e-Payment, a secure and fast UATP-based payment solution for HR-169 tickets. Travel Agents load money onto their HR e-Payment Account to pay for tickets in all major GDSs worldwide.

  • Head Office Tour – tour the Hahn Air Head Office in Dreieich, Germany

Registered travel agents can now visit the Hahn Air head office and gain a better understanding of how the business works. Agents will be picked up from the airport or city and have the opportunity to meet with various departments, as well as be given a company tour.


  • Games – participate and win prizes in exclusive Hahn Air games.


All registered account users will gain access to participate in regular games and competitions promoted on our website, standing a chance to win attractive prizes.

Besides these benefits, all agents can also take advantage of the general benefits which include:

  • Securtix ® – Hahn Air’s insolvency insurance covering all partner carriers.

In case a passenger with an HR-169 ticket is affected by the insolvency of one of Hahn Air's over 350 air, rail & shuttle partners, Hahn Air will vouch for a full refund of the unused portion of the ticket including taxes.

  • Refunds - Refund service guaranteed within 14 days.

Hahn Air’s refund promise guarantees to process refunds of tickets within 14 days. Moreover, the refund service is free of charge and no handling fees are applied by Hahn Air (partner airlines may charge cancellation fees as per ticketing fare note).

Travel agents can find more information on how to book Hahn Air tickets in all GDSs worldwide. Agents can also find Hahn Air’s Quick Cards summarising how to correctly issue Hahn Air tickets in the respective GDS. 

Additionally, users can also find Interline Traffic Agreements which contain a complete list of carriers available for ticketing on HR-169 documents in the corresponding GDS.

To compliment these above benefits, Hahn Air’s Director Global Account Management, Candy Kasonkomona, regularly contacts and visits travel agents in Kenya. She actively creates awareness of Hahn Air’s ticketing services through newsletters, presentations, trainings and networking events. For more information about Hahn Air’s products and services, contact c.kasonkomona@hahnair.com.


Besides that, Hahn Air’s Service Desk is happy to assist travel agents with all questions related to HR-169 ticketing and our services. Its global and multilingual team provides daily support around the clock –24/7. For ticketing enquiries, agents can contact the Global Service Desk at service@hahnair.com or on Hahn Air’s Kenyan toll-free number 0800-720774.

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