Word of mouth ranks top on source of domestic travel information  10th Jul 2018

Word of mouth and internet have become most important sources of travel information. According to a study conducted by Consumer Options, 67.3% of respondents get their travel information from friends and family while 50.3% of respondents rely on the internet for travel information. The most common internet sources of information are Facebook and YouTube at 59.7% and 28.6% respectively.

The study further went on to reveal that most bookings are done by physical in-person at 40.6% and online at 32.5%. Common devices used for online booking being personal computers and mobile phones at 41.9% and 34.4% respectively. 73.6% of the respondents interviewed in the study book directly with service providers such as airlines, hotels and/or villas. Only 10.3% of the respondents book through home sharing or owners letting sites such as Airbnb.


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