S.G Kaka re-elected to UFTAA Board  15th Feb 2018

The former Chairman of KATA Mr. S.G. Kaka was re-elected as a Board member of UFTAA and subsequently Vice President in Charge of Finance at the recently concluded Annual General Assembly of UFTAA held in Tel Aviv, Israel. Mr. Kaka who was first elected to the board in 2015 for a 2 year term will remain on the UFTAA Board until 2020 for his second and final term.


Others re-elected to continue serving include Mr. Sunil Kumar from India as President, Yossi Fatael from Israel as Vice President Air Matters, Mr. Cetin Gurgun from Turkey as Vice President Tourism. Board members include Madhusudan Acharya from Nepal, Ms. Varsha Ramchurn form Mauritius, Richard Lohento from Benin among others.


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