Nairobi, Naivasha SGR parts work starts  4th Feb 2018

Production of railway parts like T-beams and sleepers for the standard gauge railway between Nairobi and Naivasha has started.

The China Communication Constriction Company (CCCC) says for the last one month, it has prefabricated 32,928 rail sleepers and 126 T-beams at the Emali construction site.

Sleepers hold the rails upright and keep them spaced to the correct gauge while the beams are load bearing structures reinforced with concrete, wood or metal, with a T-shape cross section.

The rail sleepers and T-beams will be used to construct a 39-kilometre stretch starting at the Nairobi terminus to the Ngong Hill section.

“To cover the 39km, the section office will pre-fabricate 389 spans of T-beams, with each span made of two symmetrical sections and 80,000 rail sleepers,” the company said.

They are pre-fabricating three spans of T-beam and 784 rail sleepers daily, according to the CCCC spokesperson Steve Zhao.

The 120km Nairobi-Naivasha line is funded by Exim-Bank of China at a cost Sh150 billion.

Mr Zhao who was speaking during a media familiarisation tour.

Phase 2B of the project from Naivasha to Kisumu will cost Sh350 billion, the bulk of which is expected to be financed through loans from Exim Bank of China.


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