Roshan Merali Receives Service Award  20th Dec 2017

The immediate past Coast Liaison Dr. Roshan Merali was feted for his dedicated service and outstanding leadership to the Association during the end of year dinner and cocktail held for members in Mombasa.


While presenting the award to Dr. Merali, KATA Chairman Mohammed Wanyoike described him as a man who deeply believed in the integrity of the Business and was and still remains a great champion of ethical business practices.  During his time while serving on the Board of KATA, Dr. Merali was able to bring together Mombasa agents and saw membership grow by 25% in just one year that he served. 

“Today we recognize and honour a man who stood the test of time and passed with flying colours. His selfless dedication has immensely contributed to the growth and impact of KATA not only at the Coast region but across the country” said Mr. Wanyoike.

Dr. Roshan Merali retired from the Board this year on medical grounds after serving for one year. At KATA, we continue to appreciate individuals/organisations that have given their time and resources to serve the Association in various capacities.

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