KATA welcomes Govt’s Plan to issue Visas at port of entry  5th Dec 2017

For decades, Africans who wanted to travel to Kenya had to go through demanding and often expensive procedures in order to access a visa to Kenya through the various Kenyan embassies abroad.

Following the announcement by President Uhuru Kenyatta during his inauguration last Tuesday, Africans wishing to travel to Kenya will be eligible to receive visa on arrival.
“Today, I am directing that any African wishing to visit Kenya will be eligible to receive a visa at the port of entry,” said Mr Kenyatta at the Kasarani Sports Complex in Nairobi.

President Kenyatta’s announcement comes at a time when a growing number of African countries among them Rwanda, Mauritius, Ghana, and Namibia have made similar decisions. The move will boost cross border movements across Africa in search of business, education and tourism. This can only be good news for the travel industry.
Citizens of EAC will also be treated like Kenyans when they visit the country. Kenya is now one of the African countries embracing visa-free travel round the continent which boosts the economy as a whole via the travel industry.

Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) welcomes this new directive terming it a good initiative as it will be positive for the travel business. The Association is at the same time calling for vigilance among the relevant government agencies to ensure that criminal elements don’t take advantage of the new provision to cause harm to the country.

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