Packing Tips For Every Traveller  6th Dec 2018

Packing is an art & parking duly is crucial! If you overpack you don’t only end up burdened with heavy bags, you also end up incurring unnecessary costs for excess baggage!

On the other hand, under-pack and you may end up not only forgetting an important item, but also paying extra unnecessarily to purchase the item you left behind.

It is therefore important to have a set of packing rules to follow to make sure you are organized and have all your important things with you.

  1. Your Packing List

As cheesy as this may sound, a packing list can literally save your life! Before starting to pack, make sure you have made a list of things you want to carry on your trip with you. The perks of having a list: it helps you prioritize & helps eliminate all unnecessary items you plan on packing.

The packing checklist also makes you more organised and helps prevent missing out on packing that important item!

  1. Roll And Not Fold

Make sure you get into a habit of rolling your clothes. The benefits of rolling are many apart from the most obvious one, taking less space. Your clothes don’t end up with crease lines from the folds, so if you don’t have an iron available you can make do with your rolled clothes!

  1. Check the Airline Baggage Policy

Even before beginning to pack, it incumbent that you check the baggage allowance of the flight you have chosen, to avoid paying for any excess baggage. This is mostly important for all those budget-minded packers who use budget airlines!

  1. Whilst On Number 3. Make Sure You Read Carefully On Items That Are Forbidden In Hand Carry

Get familiarised with what you are not allowed to carry in your hand luggage! You don’t want to end up having to repack and reorganise your things last minute!

  1. Make Sure Your Essentials Such As Travel Documents Are Packed In Your Hand Luggage & Not In Your Suitcase

To avoid packing your essentials in the suitcase, make sure essentials such as travel documents are packed away first in your carry-on or hand luggage! Your currency, credit cards, jewellery, phone, travel documents & ID are some of the valuables that should always be hand carried with you on the plane. Remember airlines can easily misplace your luggage and you don’t want to end up being stranded without your essentials!

By Dr. Shazia Hassan

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