Revolution in Data Driven Marketing, What Agents Need to Know  27th Sep 2018

Access to data has completely changed marketing landscape in the travel industry.

Data-driven marketing has transformed from an innovative approach to a fundamental part of advertising and business strategy as well as using technology and data for Insights, creativity, targeting and measurements.

Marketing driven by data possession involves building strategies on insights pulled from the analysis of big data, collected through consumer interactions and engagements, to form predictions about future behaviours of clients. It involves understanding the data you already have, the data you can get, and how to organize, analyse, and apply that data to better marketing efforts.

Ms. Regina Nyuguto, Google Kenya Industry Manager shared with Travel Agents insights on unlocking data driven marketing during the recently held KATA Convention. First as an agency is to reach the right audience efficiently.

According to Google, 9% of travellers have a brand in mind before they start researching, 92% of travellers on their mobile phones would switch to another app or site their needs aren’t met, 1 in 4 only travellers will continue to book with a brand that has a slow mobile site or app, therefore travel agents have a great opportunity for digital marketing by leveraging on the online market and push out their brand visibility on digital platforms which in return will increase business.

Secondly, travel agents were urged to design compelling creatives that delight the audiences. Today’s media reality is that consumers expect to get exactly what they want, exactly when they want it.

Creativity, media and data are the ingredients in the current marketing formula to penetrate into the target market. Personalization increases revenue by 15%, increases efficiency by 30% and 50% reduction on acquisition cost.

Ms. Nyuguto highlighted the tactics to deliver more relevant creatives in digital marketing;

  • Moments - Identify the moments in which you want to engage target audience
  • Signals - Leverage signals to customize creative messaging
  • Customer journey - Develop creative for the full consumer journey
  • Test and learn - Implement a more fluid process & adopt a test and learn approach

Why does it matter? High quality creative drives a 200 - 400% increase in campaign response rate and dynamic messaging has a 50% higher engagement compared to static messaging.

“Demographic information is almost useless. Because here’s a shocker for you, there are actually 19-year-old guys who watch Dance Moms, and there are 73-year old women who are watching Breaking Bad and Avengers” says Todd Yellin of Netflix.

Speaking at the KATA Convention, Ms. Nyuguto stated that “Advertisers who are successful at data-driven marketing are seeing revenue increases of as much as 20%, and cost savings of up to 30%”

“Big data has changed the way we view our customer. You have to look at a much broader view of the customer. Ultimately, the key to success will be the ability to offer a one-to-one personalized service that is relevant to the individual.” said Dara Brady of Ryanair during a Travel Distribution Summit in Europe.

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