Does Technology Help Relieve Travel Anxieties?  2nd Jul 2018

Technology has certainly made it easier for us to see the world, what with flight and accommodation bookings only a click away. But does it actually help broaden globetrotters’ horizons?

New research by reveals that a significant two thirds (67%) of today’s travelers don’t believe they are making the most of their travel opportunities due to lingering travel anxieties.

The travel booking platform conducted research across more than 20,500 global travellers to uncover the barriers and anxieties which prevent people from making the most of every trip and reveal how they can move to a state of truly limitless travel.

Results show that despite a world of opportunities, three in 10 people have never felt limitless on vacation and one in 10 have only ever felt limitless once.

The bulk of travellers’ anxieties boils down to language barrier. Majority of respondents (44%) said getting lost in translation hold them back from planning a holiday.

Meanwhile, 18% are nervous about getting lost without speaking the local language. Struggles to find accommodation (41%) and fear about unfamiliar situations when travelling (27%) are also potential barriers.

On what would remove travel barriers, top factors cited were great accommodation options (33%), positive reviews from other travelers (30%), being able to ask questions and directions in the local language (25%) and being able to order their favorite food (22%).

One cause of travel anxiety is the fear of getting lost without speaking the local language.

However, many travellers (49%) admit that using technology frequently while travelling does in some way, help alleviate these concerns. senior vice president Pepijn Rijvers said the right technology can enhance travellers’ experience.

“As an industry innovator, we are continuously looking for ways to use the latest technologies to take the friction out of travel and empower people to experience the world,” he said.

Back in March this year, digital media company GlobalData revealed the top six technology trends in travel to look out for in 2018. These include augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, voice technology, WiFi connectivity and wearable devices.

But if it were up to travellers, many still believe that unique experiences are what will push their travel limits.’s survey indicated that about half of the respondents (54%) think the best way to elevate their travels is to get out of their comfort zone.

The top getaways to push the limits include a long-distance train journey, ancestry trip to find out about their heritage, gourmet adventure, mystery trip and volunteering holiday.


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