Using Technology to Scale Your Travel Business  8th May 2018

I speak to agents on a weekly basis and there is one question I get asked frequently: how do I know when I need to hire additional help?

Agents say next to marketing, growing their business is the hardest area to get a grasp on. What a lot of agents don’t realize is that they should really be thinking more about scaling their business than growing it.

Scaling a business is increasing revenue without increasing expenses. Have you ever figured out on average, how long it takes to plan a trip? Have you ever figured out on average the number of trips you can physically plan in a week?

Have you ever figured out approximately how much money you can make in a week if your schedule is completely full? Does that weekly income equate to a yearly salary you expected to make? Most of you will answer no, but it is something that you should be thinking about on a daily basis because your choices now will affect your scalability in the future.

How is it possible to increase revenue without increasing expenses? Additional revenue means additional work, which means one person isn’t always going to be able to manage the workload right? Not exactly, think technology, technology, technology.

With so many options, how do you know what to choose? How do you know what company will bring value to your agency? Your technology partners should fill a void in your day-to-day processes and bring efficiency to your agency; allowing you to work smarter resulting in more time in the day to focus on selling & booking travel.

technology partner that checks off more than one box is an ideal choice. For example Travefy checks off dynamic quotes & itineraries, city guides and client app. Traveljoy checks off CRM, invoice generator, group payment tracker, embeddable forms, secure information capture, credit card processor, commission/booking tracker.

Agent Studio brings to the table more than just a customizable website solution. It brings a marketing suite, automated weekly client newsletter, social media automation, booking tools, industry training and so much more. These platforms individually enable you to scale your business with time saving tools but when they are used in unison they allow you to create a workflow & streamlined processes that not only save you time but efficiently allow you to add to your sales force when that need eventually does come.

Automation & efficiency = Scalability. Some feel that automation means hands off, but it is actually quite the contrary. It means you are an agent on the cutting edge of technology that is taking advantage of technological advancements that enable you to maximize your time.

Advancements in technology have led to the creation of tools such as an itinerary builder, a social media scheduler, a customizable website, CRM solution, commission tracker, email marketing platform, and credit card processor just to share a few of the many tools you need to run a business today. These can all be found as stand-alone products, but what is efficient about having 15 different platform subscriptions to manage? NOTHING.

Efficiency is key to saving time, time equates to creating additional itineraries, additional itineraries lead to increased bookings, and increased bookings equal increased profits. Choose your partners wisely because they are as important as you are to the advancement and scalability of your agency.




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