NewGen ISS – IATA EasyPay  20th Mar 2018

IATA EasyPay is a voluntary pay-as-you-go e-wallet solution for travel agents to issue tickets in the BSP.

IATA EasyPay is a new payment method that will be globally available to all IATA-accredited travel agents for the issuance of tickets through IATA’s Billing Settlement Plan (BSP). IATA EasyPay is a secure, pay-as-you-go solution. Based on an electronic wallet, it will be optional for agents to use alongside the other payment methods in the BSP.

With IATA EasyPay, funds are secured at the time of ticket issuance. As a result, IATA EasyPay is facilitating the introduction of a GoLite accreditation, a new, simplified accreditation model with minimal financial requirements and no Cash facility.

For agents who have access to a Cash facility in the BSP under the GoStandard and GoGlobal accreditation models, IATA EasyPay offers greater flexibility. Agents can use IATA EasyPay to lower their financial security amounts with IATA. In addition, agents will be able to transact using IATA EasyPay if they reach their Remittance Holding Capacity (RHC).

To start using IATA EasyPay, travel agents will first set up an IATA EasyPay account via the IATA EasyPay portal. This portal is accessed through the IATA Customer Portal. Once their IATA EasyPay accounts are opened, agents will be able to load funds into their dedicated e-wallet. (Any funds deposited in an IATA EasyPay account continue to belong to the agent until that amount is blocked against a ticket). Through the IATA EasyPay portal, agents will also generate single-use IATA EasyPay numbers to enter in their GDS during ticket issuance.

Using the IATA EasyPay number, the GDS will request an authorization and if there are sufficient funds in the respective IATA EasyPay e-wallet, the amount will be blocked in real-time and the ticket issued. These funds will then be transferred from the IATA EasyPay system to the BSP and settled to the airlines.

To facilitate reconciliation, IATA EasyPay transactions will be reported to agents on their BSP Billing reports with dedicated form of pay (EP). In addition, agents will be able to access transaction reports from the IATA EasyPay system.

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