IATA’s NewGen ISS: New Accreditation Models  14th Mar 2018

As part of NewGen ISS’s four pillars, implementation of a new agent accreditation framework is in place with three accreditation options which include GoGlobal Accreditation, GoStandard Accreditation and GoLite Accreditation.

According to IATA, the new accreditation models are better tailored to agents’ needs to provide more flexibility and choice. Each accreditation model comes with different participation terms, payment methods and tailored risk management activities.

Not all travel agents are the same. By offering three levels of accreditation, agents will be able to choose the one that best fits their business model and make sure they stay relevant in this rapidly evolving world.

GoStandard Accreditation

GoStandard accreditation is based on the current IATA accreditation model and it is for agents operating in a single country. It allows agents to be accredited in a Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) with access to all payment methods, including BSP Cash and BSP Card. In addition to these, GoStandard agents will now be able to use a new, pay-as-you-go e-wallet solution called IATA EasyPay.

GoStandard agents will continue to be subject to the local financial criteria and requirements applicable to the BSP of accreditation.

IATA-accredited agents will be transitioned to the GoStandard model when NewGen ISS is introduced in a market, with the option to convert to another accreditation model at any time, should they wish to do so.

GoLite Accreditation

This is standard accreditation with no cash facility.  The GoLite accreditation option allows agents to transact with airlines using IATA EasyPay and BSP Card forms of payment without a Cash facility. Since the default risk associated to BSP Cash is removed, GoLite agents are subject to fewer financial requirements.

There is no minimum financial security for GoLite agents that want to issue tickets exclusively using IATA EasyPay, a new pay-as-you-go e-wallet solution. For agents who want access to BSP Card for the issuance of tickets, in addition to IATA EasyPay, a minimal financial security is required to cover the associated risk.

In addition, agents under this model will not be subject to the annual financial reviews, which can bring substantial cost savings for smaller agents.

GoGlobal Accreditation

This is a multi-country accreditation, a one-stop-shop for multi-national agents which allows the travel agencies to retain a single accreditation for all the Billing Settlement Plans (BSPs) that they participate in. Multi-Country agents will meet a single global set of requirements and criteria and will be able to accredit all their locations worldwide under a single Passenger Sales Agency Agreement.

Under GoGlobal accreditation, the entire agent group will be subject to global financial criteria, established in the Resolution. This includes a quarterly financial review of the parent entity under the Multi-Country Assessment Framework. The parent will also take on full legal and financial responsibility for the agency group. If the agent fails the quarterly review, the parent will also be required to provide a financial security covering the sales at risk for all of the group’s locations.

A new risk management feature within NewGen ISS – the Remittance Holding Capacity (RHC) will also apply to all accredited agents under the GoGlobal model. RHC establishes a monetary threshold for agents’ outstanding BSP cash sales pending remittance to the BSP. For GoGlobal travel agents, the RHC will consist of an aggregate amount covering their BSP Cash sales worldwide.


Courtesy of IATA.  https://newgeniss.iata.org/travel-agents/

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