Artificial Intelligence (AI)  5th Mar 2018

Developments in voice recognition technology like Amazon’s Alexa, and virtual reality, will make brand interactions more personalised and targeted, improving the customer experience and enhancing brand loyalty.

Current technologies have been helping travel brands improve their ability to capture customer data for years, but the analytical capabilities are limited. However, advancements in AI will help brands take their loyalty programs to the next level.

Reward members want to be recognised as unique individuals with unique requirements. Using AI algorithms, travel brands can identify those unique preferences for hundreds of individual users in real-time, enabling them to deliver relevant rewards and increase conversions as a result.

AI also combines speech recognition with natural language technologies to create Intelligent Assistants (IA). These assistants are adept and highly efficient at helping customers’ access information and complete tasks.

Travel brands could utilise this IA technology to implement chatbots which can reward customers for good behaviour at different points in the user journey.

Numerous travel and hospitality brands are already using AI in their search processes, as well as chatbot technology to enhance their online communications. Hilton for example, partnered with IBM’s Watson program to create an AI-powered concierge robot named “Connie”.

Guests staying at the Hilton McLean hotel in Virginia can ask Connie questions about anything from hotel information and tourist attractions, to directions for nearby restaurants.

Connie uses a mixture a natural language processing and travel information to provide personalised recommendations. Of course, this kind of technology is a long way from fully transforming the travel industry, but its making progress.


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