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The  Kenya  Association  of  Travel  Agents  (KATA)  is  a  membership  based organization that has represented the interests of Kenyan travel agents since 1979 when its  forerunner, the  East  African  Society  of  Travel  Agents,  which  had  been in  existence  for  22  years  was  disbanded  due  to  the  collapse  of  the  East  African Community.  KATA  works to  enhance  and improve the  Travel  Industry  business climate in Kenya by promoting the services of her members to the general public, protecting their rights and assisting them to optimize their businesses.Read More»
Membership Benefits
  • Promotion and protection of the interests of KATA and its members
  • Lobbying of member concerns with the government, public and private sector for actions
  • Act on behalf of members in discussions and negotiations on industry specific issues
  • Continuously review and appraise the needs of members in order to provide them with meaningful services and benefits; Read More»
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KATA Meets with Travel Training  Institutions 

KATA hosted a brainstorming session with travel industry training institutions on the 15th of April 2016. The meeting sought to explore strategies and options on how KATA and the institutions can work together to ensure highly qualified and  skilled students graduate out of the institutions. 

“Travel Agencies in the country are concerned at the quality of students coming out of the training institutions which points to a disconnect between the trade and training” said the KATA CEO.

Ministerial Tourism Stakeholders Round Table

KATA participated in the Ministerial Tourism Stakeholders Round Table Meeting, which brought together stakeholders in the tourism industry and the government. The meeting resolved to discuss the challenges and interventions required to improve the tourism sector  cutting across the different stakeholders in the industry

Upcoming Events

KATA Industry Training- 23rd April 2016

KATA Industry Meeting- 10th May 2016

Nairobi Members Social Night-21st May 2016 

Mombasa Industry Meeting- 17th May 2016

Annual General Meeting- 23rd July 2016

Rift Valley Members Meeting- 4th August 2016

Mombasa Chairman's Breakfast & Social Night- 19th August 2016

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